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Welcome to the "Magic Pack Archive", by Majic Mushroom. This archive contains the Amiga Demo Pack Disks compiled and released by Majic Mushroom during 1990 - 1993.

These Packs were released for various Amiga groups which I was a member of during my scene career.



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Honey Packs - These were some packs I made for myself and never released. I thought I'd also make them available on this site as they contain some pretty hard to find productions.

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How many packs did you do?
There are 112 in all but they won't all appear here. The first 7 were rebadged as Magic Packs when I joined Crack and started the Magic Packs. They were pretty lame anyway so I won't put them on here!

What happened to number 9?
It got corrupted not long after I released it and never got another copy.

How do I download the packs?
Simply click the number of the pack and it will be downloaded to your computer.

Thanks & Greetings

My thanks to: Rotox for ideas and inspiration, Darren for testing and ideas, Steve for testing and constantly nagging me to code this site (!), Nige G for the PCMCIA network card for the Amiga and Nige W for the odd bit of HTML help.

Thanks also to Barry Irvine (Paradroid) who coded all my pack menus and without whom the Magic Pack series would never have been as successful.

Greetings to anyone from the old skool Amiga scene. Hope you had as good a time as I did during 1989 and 1994 and feel free to get in touch.

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