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Date News
18 November 2017 Did some refactoring, tweaks, error capturing and implemented the Dashboard
10 November 2017 Launched V2 of the site! Let me know if you have any issues!
03 May 2011 Moved to new hosts!
18 June 2009 Some Mofo had hacked the site so the downloader was fucked. It's working again now, apologies for any inconvenience :(
23 July 2005 Not sure what happened, looks like a change of Webserver Config from our hosts, but the Downloader stopped working.
05 June 2005 That's it! Added Honey Packs 18 - 28 which completes the site!
04 June 2005

Added Magic Packs 108 - 112!

All Magic Packs are now finally online! :)

Added Honey Packs 10 - 17.

Updated the Links page.

07 May 2005

Added Lemon to the Group and Menu Selectors.

Added the ability to Search the Honey Packs.

Added Magic Packs 102 - 107.

Added Honey Packs 4 - 9.

23 April 2005 Added Magic Packs 96 - 101, Honey Pack 3 and added 1993 to the Year Selector page.
19 March 2005 Added a Guestbook.
14 March 2005

Added Magic Packs 84 - 95.

Added Honey Pack 2.

13 March 2005

Added Magic Packs 81 - 83.

Need to Transdisk some more floppies now :)

12 March 2005

Added Quartz menu 2 to Menu page.

Added Magic Packs 71 to 80.

11 March 2005

Added NoGroup (in other words, independent!) and Quartz to Menu and Group pages.

Added Magic Packs 66 to 70.

27 February 2005

Added a Top Ten stats page. See the top ten downloaded packs!

Added Magic Packs 61 to 65. I need to copy some more disks across from the Amiga as I've got all the packs on my PC online now! Should be able to start this process later this week...

Oh, and I added support for a pack series I made for myself and never released called "I want my honey". They were made by me for me so I could keep old / new stuff together. I carried these on even when I stopped making the Magic Packs. I've added the first Honey Pack tonight :)

24 February 2005

Added Razor 1991 and Plague (Same menu, different groups) Menu to the Filter by Menu page.

Added Magic Packs 46 to 60 including adding packs from 1992.

09 February 2005 Added Magic Packs 41 to 45.
08 February 2005

Added Flash Production Menu 2 to the Filter by Menu page.

Added Magic Packs 36 to 40.

31 January 2005

Added Links page.

Also added Magic Packs 34 & 35... More to come...

24 January 2005 Well, we have up to Magic Pack 33 online now so I have decided to launch the site officially. I'll be adding more disks soon!